Our Technologies

Power Plants

REDUXCO Catalyst – affects efficiency of the combustion process in various types of boilers. REDUXCO Catalyst is not toxic nor harmful to health and environment, works as a corrosion inhibitor. Main advantages of REDUXCO Catalyst application:

Heat Plants

REDUXCO Catalyst accelerates the combustion process resulting in decreased usage of fuel and harmful gas emissions. Causes maximum burnout of fuel. Main advantages of applicating:

Road Transport

Easy and direct usage of REDUXCO for fuels such as during refueling causes reduced fuel consumption and sensible increase in the power of an engine as well as decrease in smoke release under working engine in low speeds. Main advantages of applicating REDUXCO:

Marine Transport

REDUXCO catalyst has been tested on the following fleet units PŻM m/s „GIEWONT” , m/s „IRMA”, m/s „IRYDA”, m/s „ISADORA”, m/s „ISOLDA”, from September 2010 to January 2014. Results are presented below:

Cement Plants

Implementation of REDUXCO Technology in cement plants brings measurable benefits in decreasing the consumption of fuel along with betterment of product quality. Our company ran implementations in Poland, Croatia and Vietnam. Main advantages of REDUXCO application in cement plants below:

DAGAS NT Pyrolysis

DAGAS NT/WT PYROLYSIS uses a thermal method of utilizing waste without the access of oxygen. This technology has a wide spectrum of application, made for consistent work process. Main advantages of DAGAS NT/WT PYROLYSIS:

DAGAS WT Pyrolysis

High temperaturę pyrolysis is primarly designated to utilizing forest biomass and agro as well as municiple waste. Offered solutions allow production of electricity and heat energy. Advantages of DAGAS WT PYROLYSIS:


BIORUSTER is a universal, efficient and completely safe technology concerning chemical cleaning of heat exchangers from corrosion and precipitates of water. Main advantages apllied to BIRUSTER technology (in-situ):

Bioruster Applications

More than 700 already cleaned industrial installations and residential objects:

Water Degassing

The technology of degassing water is destined for power plants and does not use steam in the degassing process. Main advantages of DAGAS WG degassing installation:

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